• About ME・プロフィール

    Between Brazil, Japan and the US: The global and local of education, diversity and inequality


    As a researcher, I specialize in international comparative education, educational policy, immigration, race and ethnic relations . My primary topics of research include teachers of immigrant students, transnational migration, Japanese-Brazilian communities in Brazil and Japan.


    My first task in the support of immigrant students came when I was a teenager in the form of serving as translator for a new student in a nearby school when I myself had just moved from Brazil to Japan. I went on to study education and obtain teaching certificates for secondary education. I taught and also served as immigrant student counselor in Japan. I then moved to the United States to specialize in international educational policy analysis and also the investigation of immigration, race and ethnic relations.

  • "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

    Nelson Mandela

  • Areas of research・研究分野

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    Diversity in Education

    • Multicultural education policies

    Teacher Education & Evaluation

    • Teachers in education policy reform

    Transnationalism & Immigration

    • Transnational lives of international migrants & children

    Race & Ethnicity in Schools

    • Minorities in special education
  • Education・学歴

    Indiana University,

    School of Education

    Department of Sociology


    PhD Student, Education Policy Studies (International Comparative Education) and Sociology

    Stanford Universtiy,

    Graduate School of Education

    Class of 2010

    M.A., International Educational Administration and Policy Studies

    Hiroshima University,

    Faculty of Education

    Class of 2005

    B.A., Educational Studies

    Teacher's license in English as a Foreign Language and Japanese as National Language

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